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Ashia C. Simpson


Meet Ashia

Ashia C. Simpson is so excited about her recent launch of her Vision Coaching/ Consulting program. Ashia believes that in this season she has a mandate to assist entrepreneurs, ministries among others to assist them with unfolding vision.  For years she has assisted with building successful platforms.  She believes that "vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others".  She walks in honor, integrity and high ranking wisdom while making keen decisions to push people to new levels. 

As a Breakthrough Leadership & Coaching Academy Certified Life Coach, Ashia uses her life experiences, marketing, administration and technical background to shift you to a place where vision unfolds. 

In 2023 Ashia went on her annual 30 day fast seeking a closer relationship with God.  During this time she answered her call to Wake Up Girl and Pray.  A community of believers seeking a deeper relationship with God.  

Sharing your vision with the right person is critical to properly unfolding.  She is ready to assist you with going to a new level by Unfolding your vision. 


Therapist Vs Life Coach


Coaching is Appropriate if:

  • You consider yourself mentally stable

  • You have a specific roadblock that is unrelated to mental health

  • You want to improve your confidence and spiritual growth

  • You are ready to make significant changes in your life

Therapy is Appropriate if:

  • You are hindered by a mental health diagnosis

  • You struggle with any kind of substance abuse

  • You have unresolved significant past trauma

  • You try to focus on the future, but past issues continue to interfere

Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching

Wake Up Girl & Pray


"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others"~ Jonathan Swift

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Let’s Unfold Vision

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